Hibiscrub: An Essential Product for Keeping Your Pets Healthy in 2023

Dog grooming pet cleaning hibiscrub

Hibiscrub is an antiseptic and disinfectant commonly used in veterinary medicine to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness in animals. It has become an essential product for pet owners who want to ensure the health and well-being of their furry friends. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of using it, how it works, and […]

The Making of a Therapy Dog: the Story of Phulki

The Making of a Therapy Dog the Story of Phulki

Written by Sumona DasGupta* Phulki came to us in the spring of 2016 just as Delhi was transitioning from winter into summer.  Our first glimpse of her was a little puppy, honey coat gleaming in the brilliant sunlight of the spring, oblivious to her surroundings, fast asleep curled under a bench in a narrow lane […]

On Dog Duty

On Dog Duty

 Adapted by Anuradha Kurup* We picked dogs up and  brought them into our homeThey were also born to be free and to roam  But they had very little choiceBecause they do not have a voice They are always so loving loyal and good And deserve much more than water, warmth and foodGive them something to play with […]


Dog Ma

Written by Averee Burman* Almost two years of being a ‘dog-ma’, in every possible way a kaleidoscope of emotions, thrills, hopes and dreams. She has taken me to the moon and back – several times – and continues to do so in her magical way every day. Jimmy walked into my life with her four […]

Finding Suzi’s Mommy

Finding Suzis Mommy

Written by Vidha Shukla* Did I just spot a new dog? I thought, just as Aladdin and Lily were clamouring to be fed their breakfast one Sunday morning. Could this be my Kaalu? Though he looks slightly different. I was unsure so I simply ignored it for the time being hoping to catch a glimpse […]

Why you should never skip flea, tick and worm prevention for your furry friends

Why you should never skip flea tick and worm prevention

Written by Sonya Kochhar Apicella* I am sorry – this blog post full of itchy, wriggly things is probably going to make your skin crawl but it has an important message. Please don’t skip on flea and tick prevention and worming of your dogs and cats! Parasites like fleas, ticks and worms may be small but they cause problems quite out of […]

Buddy, our Super-pup

Buddy our Super pup

Written by Alita D’souza (Buddy’s mother) & Richa Vaidya (Buddy’s lover) My husband and I have always been fond of pets. Originally from Mumbai, my husband and I moved to Goa for his new job. So, after a few months of marriage and the stress of settling down in a new city receded, we decided […]

My Cat, Igor

My Cat Igor

Written by Sejal Suvarna The doorbell rings and the first person to zoom across the door to greet his guests is Mr Igor. He will scan every guest by rubbing himself against them. Few questions will be asked in the form of meows and purrs. The ones under suspicion are nibbled and left with a warning. Only after the security check is done, the […]

A Love Letter From My Dog – Valentine’s Day Special

A Love Letter From My Dog Valentines Day Special

Written by Disha Ramanan My best friend, Every single day, I wish I could tell you in your words how much I adore you. Especially today. But I know you know what I’m trying to say when I show you my soulful, almond brown eyes. I know you can feel it when I curl up […]

The Ultimate Checklist Every Prospective Pet Parent Needs To See

The Ultimate Checklist Every Prospective Pet Parent Needs To See

Written by Disha Ramanan Getting a puppy home, especially for the first time, can make for some of the most joyous moments in one’s life. Adding a pet into your family is certainly a reason to celebrate – it’s one of the most beautiful feelings in the world! It’s unfortunate, then, that so many animals are […]